Lumberjack BDE1200 Dust Collector

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Lumberjack BDE1200 Dust collector is designed for small workshops or under the workbench. With 1200 watt motor for extraction in woodworking, it can be connected to machines with small and large dust extraction ports....More information
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BDE1200 Dust Collector

The Lumberjack BDE1200 portable vacuum cleaner is ideal for small workshops and is the strongest wood vacuum cleaner in its class at 1200 watts.

Due to the high air flow, it is possible to use a smaller hose diameter so that it is also suitable for smaller tools.

The vacuum cleaner with 50 liters capacity has an efficient filtration up to 0.5 micron.

  • This 50L capacity, ideal suited for small workshops for woodworking dust and chippings.
  • Upgraded Powerful 1200w motor
  • Lightweight only 10.5 Kg
  • Suitable for reducing down to a smaller diameter hose when using power tools.
  • Built to high standards and offers effective and high filtration to 0.5 microns.
  • Quick action clamp releases the lid of the drum to empty it out.
  • Comes with 2 Metre, 100mm hose


  • 5 Piece adaptorset included!

Particularly suitable where there is little space or if the vacuum cleaner must stand under a workbench.


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Lumberjack BDE1200 Dust Collector
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