About us

Personal service is the most important thing for us!

Since 1992, Hobo has been supplying a complete range of high-quality tools and accessories for industry, automotive and private individuals. Our vision is to offer customers the right product at a fair price. There is one location in Steenbergen. From there, the products are sent through the Benelux and Germany. There is a small showroom, but only a limited number of products. It is actually more to pick up products.

Over the years, the range has grown into a complete package, a small part of which can be seen on this website. Tools, consumables and accessories for industry, automotive and since 2016 also for private individuals. We try to offer many products in different price ranges. In this way we can serve the high, medium and low market segments and you can always find what you are looking for.

Most important to us are the personal service and the quality of the products. The reviews speak for themselves. "Old-fashioned service that you hardly get anywhere else, but as it should be".


Hobo Tools

Hobo Tools is an importer of, among other things, AC Delco power tools, Britool torque wrenches and Lumberjack (and Autojack) woodworking tools. All brands of torque wrenches have been certified in-house since 1992. We also provide Expert, Facom, Weber Tools, Force, Tohnichi, Airpress, Oetiker and more.

Behind Lumberjack there is a separate story. Since 1992, Hobo Tools has been a supplier of Festool tools. Perfect quality but it became prohibitive for our target group. In 2014 we therefore started Lumberjack with an English partner. Then a small assortment of 12 good quality woodworking machines with fair prices. You can find our "Passion for tools" regularly in details of various products. The demand for Lumberjack grew so fast that we now introduce new machines every quarter. The philosophy has remained the same: good quality for a fair price.

Can't find a product in one of our web stores? Ask your question via [email protected] or call 0167-562177 or b.g.g. 0651 841304. Perhaps we can still be of service to you !!