AC Delco ARS1212 10,8V mini polisher cordless

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AC Delco ARS1212 mini polisher on battery 10.8V for polishing small damages in paint or other materials....More information
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AC Delco ARS1212 mini polisher on battery 10,8V

From ARS1207 via ARS1210 to the ARS1212

The AC Delco polish machine ARS1212 is the successor of the ARS1207 and the ARS1210. These polishers or polishers are of high quality and ideal for spot repair, polishing stainless steel, kitchen tops, etc. The AC Delco polisher has a 10.8V battery and a motor without carbon brushes.

The AC Delco ARS1212 battery polisher or polisher is a professional 3rd generation machine. The AC Delco mini polisher is the most sold machine worldwide. It is ideal for use in car damage workshops for spot repair, polishing the paint after dent removal without spraying, for gelcoat repair on boats and caravans, polishing scratches from glass and for sanding and polishing headlights. But also for polishing worktops, scratches from kitchen doors and stainless steel parts.

The AC Delco battery polisher with 75 mm pad is the best choice for a polisher, polisher and sander in one with a powerful Li-ion 10.8 Volt battery.

This third generation machine has a longer battery life, runs more quietly and also has the well-known brushless motor.

Ideal for spot repair and the mobile cleaner
For sanding, polishing and polishing
Spot and gelcoat repairs
Repair of headlights


● Compact dimensions.
● Comfortable side handle, can be mounted both left and right.
● Variable speed to avoid splashing when starting.
● Particularly suitable for polishing headlights.
● Efficient machine delivers excellent results.

Technical info

battery: 10.8V
speed: 0 - 2800 rpm
pad diam. : 76 mm
weight: 0.88 kg

The machine comes with 2 x 10.8V battery, a charger and support pad and a polishing pad in a plastic case.

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AC Delco ARS1212 10,8V mini polisher cordless
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