Finixa Primer- HS

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Now with the purchase of 2 cans of Finixa Primer you will receive a free box of disposable gloves....More information
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    Primer with gloves

    • Can be applied on all surfaces, ideal for fast repairs after sanding too hard. Also ideal for spot or panel repair, especially for smaller surfaces.
    • Apply fine layers. If you desire a thick layer: first apply 1 full layer at a distance of 30-35cm and afterwards finish with a crosswise layer at a distance of 20cm.
    • All primer/fillers sprays have a special nozzle which sprays a flat vertical pattern, comparable to a spray gun.
    • Primer with a high viscosity: shake the can very well before the first use.
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    Finixa Primer- HS
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    • In stock
    • 3-5 days